• Joy Gray

    Joy Gray

  • Anthony Lamborghini

    Anthony Lamborghini

  • Ainsley Carrera

    Ainsley Carrera

    Assistant Manager
Sam Jackson

Sam Jackson


Samantha Jackson has been a part of the Rocksteady Team for 4 years. Born and raised in the Bronx borough of New York City, she has always been a talented musician and hard-working scholar. She attended CUNY Baruch College, and Zicklin School of Business, double majoring in Accounting & Music Management Enterprises. Sam always thought her life would be in music, and she started her career as a Budget Analyst at a radio station, but after years of hard work, realized she hit her glass ceiling and looked for an opportunity for advancement in her career. Sam relocated to Philadelphia, and after major job hunting, she found Rocksteady Promotions.

What attracted Sam to Rocksteady Promotions was Joy Gray, our CEO, and her dedication to the personal and professional development of her employees. Sam considers herself lucky that she shared a large office suite with Rocksteady Promotions before her employment here. This is how she saw Joy and her team in action. It would be simple things, like book suggestions, actual team meetings about accountability, financial stability, the company's goals to ensure the entire staff was on the same page, and even the employees extending themselves outside the office through philanthropy. One of Sam’s favorite memories of the Rocksteady Promotions is from before she joined our team; word had gotten out that she was participating in a Lupus Walk. The entire Rocksteady Promotions staff showed up to support her and the cause. It showed that the staff is hardworking and has heart, which Sam found hard to find in the workplace

Sam's current goal is to have multiple income streams, which is why she will sit for her real estate exam in January of 2023. She also wants to help drive the next 5 expansions in 2023.

Fun facts about Sam:

  • She plays 10 musical instruments, her favorites being Piano and Alto Saxophone
  • She loves to Read
  • She loves to travel JUST for the food experience
Jess Suk

Jess Suk

Director of Human Resources

Jessica Suk's passion for positively impacting someone’s life and continuing to grow as a Talent Acquisitions Specialist make her a true asset to the Rocksteady Promotions team. She graduated from Montclair State University and has a long-term goal of training a successful team herself. Jessica’s green thumb and a love for hiking are two hobbies you can’t pull her away from when she isn’t at the office. Jessica has a degree is in Psychology with a minor in Social Work and a Certificate in Child Advocacy. Paying her way through college is also a huge accomplishment that Jessica is proud to say she did on her own!

Fun Facts about Jessica:

  • Favorite Food: tacos
  • Favorite Color: pink
  • Favorite Quote: What feels like the end Is often the beginning
  • She was the top scorer and rebounder on her basketball team in her senior year of high school
  • 1 item on her bucket list is to travel and go to Europe and all 50 states

What attracted Jessica to Rocksteady Promotions was our company culture and management. She truly feels like an asset to the team versus just a number or another employee. At Rocksteady Promotions we care about your development and growth and that is something Jessica struggled to find before Rocksteady Promotions.

Kira Stenko

Kira Stenko

Human Resources

Kira Stenko began her life here in the states after immigrating from Minsk, Belarus. Her background is quite diverse, but she always had a passion for learning and never forgot to have a student mentality - which led her to maintain her Russian language. Kira graduated from Montgomery College with a degree in Photography, bringing her closer to the Marketing Industry she is in today.

Kira is passionate about learning and development, which has played a significant role in her career as a Human Resource Manager. Implementing her experiences has helped her enhance our organization’s Human Resources Department by planning and evaluating employee relations and Human Resources policies, programs, and practices.

Kira’s goals moving forward include growing our organization to new heights as well as getting to travel around the world and gain influence from all across the globe.

What really attracted Kira to Rocksteady Promotions was our impeccable growth opportunity and the simultaneous support system our company provides to allow you to achieve anything near and far.

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